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  1. In a blandly titled "Semiannual Report to Congress," the National Science Foundation's inspector general disclosed that "numerous reports" and an in-house investigation revealed that some NSF staff were spending a lot of time on government computers reviewing porn instead of grant proposals.

    Over a two-year span, one unnamed NSF senior official spent as much as 20% of work time "repeatedly and excessively visiting pornographic Web sites," including having sexually explicit online chats with various women. Based on the employee's compensation, the IG calculated NSF's potential loss of productivity at more than $58,000. To be fair, the report said, the worker had put any charges related to the porn sites on his personal credit card - to the tune of more than $40,300. He has since left NSF, the IG's office wrote.

    After substantiating reports of porn viewing, the IG took a look at one of the network hard drives shared by NSF employees and found further evidence of porn viewing and downloading.

    Now, there's a congressional probe of the NSF, led by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Republican who has been on a crusade against waste, fraud, bad decision-making and general silliness at government health agencies for several years. Politico wrote about the probe Wednesday.

    Grassley has sent a letter demanding all NSF documents on this. Politico reported Grassley said Congress ought to revisit the $3 billion pledged to the NSF in the economic stimulus bill.