THey were right, the Death Cross never fails

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  1. Shorts incinerated
  2. If we take out 1100 before 1000 yes. Now pull your drawers out of your cameltoe young lady.
  3. Actually it fails at least half the time. Check out the late summer of 2006 and 2004 in the S&P 500 for counter-examples to the "successful" 50/200 MA "death" crosses in 2000 and 2008.

    You can also see false alarm crosses in GLD, XAU and other gold fund/indexes. Hope you didn't go crazy shorting gold on each of those crosses...

  4. very picturesque
  5. this thread is chit and should be removed to chat posthaste
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    I can tell you've probably blown out several account: short incinerated. What kind of amateur trader, short or long, would risk being incinerated on one trade idea. How ridiculous.

    How about, shorts probably stopped out for a small loss, or shorts stopped out for a small loss on short positions but made bigger profits on long positions.

    Don't you ever get tired of high school light weight statements like, shorts are dead man, or longs got their asses kicked.

    So boring and juvenile.
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    this cross usually takes place at the top of the first beginning move and fakes everybody out.
    patience grasshopper..........
  8. Need to be losing 700k jobs a month and big banks going under at a high rate to get back to 666. When everyone is bearish it will be the start of the next leg up. When everyone is bullish it will be the start of the next leg down.
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  10. still burning

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