They stopped watering the lawns

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  1. While coming home today, realized that many homeowners are no longer watering their lawns enough. The grass has turned yellow and brown in many lawns. I used to never see this; instead used to see perfect grass and water sprinklers spilling water onto the road.

    HD should probably be $10
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    Where do you live?
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    Banks do this a lot with foreclosed property untill somebody complains. They have taken to having the front lawns spray painted green so they don't have gardening expense in CA.
  4. What do you mean? When the house sells at a liquidation price, the new owner is going to have to go to HD and buy some sod or even some seed.
  5. Banks are doing a piss-poor job of maintaining REOs.

    They're getting major mold growth, busted piping, and a ton of other serious problems from lack of ventilation (heating/cooling).

    They have no idea what they're doing. They have no idea what to do going forward. And they're going to be sitting on a mountain of repossessed homes that will be so tainted with problems that many will have to be torn down, and other completely rebuilt, in order to pass health codes/ordinances.

    Total incompetence on a galactic scale.
  6. ....and there is tons and tons of vandalism involved too. Many realtors actually expect the homes to be wrecked when they go to inspect them pre-listing or whatever.
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    Kind of like the financial wizardry that got them into this mess to start with...
  8. Maybe there is a drought?
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    Sounds like a job oppurtunity
    shut the water off
    shut the gas off
    bomb the house
    eww lala its not really hard
    \painting the grass
    thats priceless
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