They seize checking accounts for unpaid hospital bills?????

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  1. I think I am misunderstanding it. Can someone help me decipher this?

    Christopher Ward, 49, living in his father’s house in White Plains on a $200-a-week disability payment from a workplace spinal injury, recalled stopping at an A.T.M. — “just to have something in my pocket to buy food” — and discovering that his accounts, totaling less than $4,000, had been seized.

    “I tore my hair out for a long time not understanding why all this was happening to me,” Mr. Ward said, admitting to memory lapses.
  2. So pay your bills, you goddamn deadbeat.
  3. These days no one can question what the government or large corporations are doing. There was good reason we spent 100 years breaking up monopolies. But in the last 2 decades we've undone all safety valves and now back to square 1.
  4. And the correct answer is single payer health care for Americans.
  5. Sounds like yet another bloated bureaucratic gubment agency.

    Ron Paul 2012!
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    if you know,that you are in or will be in collection agency,you know that there is ruling made by court against you-why do you keep the money on your own name in bank account? specially,if the judgment sum is that large...spend a 50$ and even decent accountant will tell you what to do..don't have $50 to spare? go to the internet and educate yourself. if you can't do all above-then sit down empty handed and tore your hair..don't tell us that didn't receive any papers or calls..

    off topic:

    it's pretty much obvious to me that suing someone for whatever in this country is much better business than trading (for example). imo-if carefully planned-odds are far better than in trading. and you need only one shoot :p
  7. Frankly it sounds like the fellow in the top post isn't competent to handle his affairs.
  8. Why everybody thinks I can not handle my finances?????

    I just posted an article from NYT

    You guys supposed to be angry overy the fact that any third party who claims to have a bill for your name, can access your bank account and withdraw whatever they want WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.!!!!!!!!

    I can understand GOVT or STATES doing this but a third party????

    I have never heard of this. Is this common?
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    the moral of the story is never to do work that can damage your spine!!
  10. You didn't read the article closely enough. Everywhere it uses the word "judgment" it means a court order.

    You still need a court order to seize assets.
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