they say GM (big 3) makes good cars

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by loza, Dec 4, 2008.

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    well maybe they are better than they made them in the late 70's 80's but they are not a good investment. A japanese car is a better investment if you drive a lot. So a car being 17000-25000 USD this is not a trivial expense...I had a ford I bought for $26,000 (99 fort contour svt) and it died on me with 78000 miles. So I hate f'ing ford and I want them to go under!
  2. I agree. My previous experience has been that American cars start to have issues around 100k miles. As soon as that 100k mark is reached, I'd consider dumping the POS cars.

    It's too bad that they will have to go bankrupt or receive a gov't handout to survive, but when your product is terrible, there's no surprise here. I'd rather they go under and regroup and try again under new leadership than trying to keep this sinking ship afloat. Go hire as many Toyota & Honda exec's that you can and pay them what they want. Just get them here. And then do what they say.