They said it clearly: NO bailout!

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  1. “It’s not the government’s job to bail out speculators or those who made the decision to buy a home they knew they could never afford,” President Bush said...

    One official said the administration’s proposals would not include a bailout of institutions that bought mortgages that have plummeted in value.

    “We are not using the b-word,” he said, referring to the talk of bailing out lenders.

    Clear as water: NO bailout, why many people keep believing a bailout is on the works?

    Maybe homebuilders want to make people -wrongly- believe in a bailout so they may sell their last homes.
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    Finally Bush is doing something right.

    However, he has got to be the worst president in US history. This is coming from someone who is conservative.

    While Bush is preoccupied with terrorism for political gain, the Russian bear is increasing its belligerence.

    Watch the Russian bear.
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    Sorry that I wasn't as clear in my message as I should have been.

    What I mean by watch the Russian bear is that I think it would have no problem tyrannizing countries once again. America is in a very very weak state under Bush. It has little credibility on the world scene. Its military resources are stretched dangerously thin. How is it going to rise to the challenge of a belligerent Russia or China?

    I'm sorry to be so hard on Bush. I'm actually a religious conservative. I actually WANTED him to win back in his first election with Al Gore. I BELIEVED all his stuff about "I'm a uniter, not a divider." (which is probably one of the most laughable cons in history). I even pray for him sometimes because I believe in praying for our leaders so they can make important decisions. But he has got to be the biggest buffoon America has ever seen. This man is a buffoon masquerading as a president.

    America needs strong leadership. The world needs American leadership. The world isn't always going to be peaceful. There will be big wars ahead, and we must be prepared.

  5. Some you guys have no IDEA WTF you are talking about!

    The bear and the dragon....will one day wage war and it has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with natural resources! Mainly, the bears vast resources in it's eastern empire, and the Dragons insatiable appetite for them. Our biggest challenge is to find another country to manufacture our low cost goods without trying to kill us, or give heavy metal poisoning to our children!

    Stop playing Monday morning quarterback...What do any of you know about former US presidents, I bet most couldn't name more then a dozen off the top your head, and maybe one or two on here are real students of history and could talk about the hot items and challenges that former US presidents faced.

    As for Bush, well, 20 years from now, let's see how history judges his term in office. Will the world be a better or worse place, I'm betting on BETTER!

    Jimmy Carter was by far the worst president in modern history, but I bet no one on here remembers paying 15% mortgage interest!
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    Please bear in mind that I'm a religious conservative that cheered for Bush to win in 2000. I was, and still am a huge supporter of the senior Bush, and thought his son would offer similar leadership. Bush senior was head of the CIA and as president gave America one of its greatest military victories. Bush junior is a buffoon who has done enormous damage to America. The guy should not be running a corporation, let alone the most powerful country in the world.

    I'm someone who despised Clinton for the scandals he put America through. However, looking back, his leadership is so much greater than Bush's that they cannot even be compared. I'm so disgusted with Bush now, that as a conservative, I would even welcome Hillary Clinton as president because she would undoubtedly bring in her husband's enormous intellect and political skill. America needs leadership, no matter the political affiliation.

    The fact is, a poll in Russia named America far and away its greatest enemy and competition. Far ahead of China. Russia hate America. Russia is putting enormous amounts of resources into its military. They have alot of pride and nationalism, and will do anything to restore it, at the cost of world security.

    Communism was the greatest scourge in human history. Russia has a history of oppression, and will add to this history.

    Don't understimate Russia and China. They are doing joint military exercises. Yes, they could become enemies, but I think they're smart enough to realize that it would be in their best interest to combine their forces and destabilize America. After that, then they could become enemies.

    Don't write off Russia and China. You do a great mistake by doing so. Beware of them. They are two enormous powers that have the potential for great destruction. Russia has done this in the past, and will try to do so in the future. Russia has alot of pride that it has lost the last decade that it wants to restore.

    This whole "terrorism" thing has been so overblown and overemphasized that America is ignoring the threat of Russia and China.

    9/11 was the greatest thing that happened to Bush, and he even screwed that up by overplaying his hand by invading Iraq.

    When is America gonna get out of Iraq? How long is this quagmire going to last? How much will America be weakened?
  7. America is NOT ignoring the threat of China. All I have read from reports about the talk on the inside of the pentagon suggests that China is still considered the #1 threat particularly in about 20 years when the surplus male population becomes a major issue. To them, terrorism and Iraq have been a unpleasant political distraction. It is a dangerous game we are playing, building up China to maintain the one party rule there who is purported to be 'friendly' to us, hoping that we can mollify their populace into peaceful tendencies by increasing their standard of living and interdependency and thereby 'buying them off'.

    Khazakstan is moving their capital from Almaty, on the china border, inland and therefore closer to russia. Who do you think they are most afraid of?

    Russia is a has-been nation. Declining population and declining life expectancy. Putin appeals to his constituency by promoting a 'strong' nation - reminds me of that old pink floyd song from the wall, "Would you like to see Britannia rule again, my friend?" Not going to happen for two generations. Forget it.

    I too am greatly disappointed with the Bush II second term. Although, with clinton II a likely president, you do have to wonder whether we are a republic or trying to become a constitutional monarchy.
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    And why do we need you guys to lead us? Please explain.
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    How did this thread turn into a thread about Bush being an idiot (true enough) and the Russian and Chinese threat we face?

    Anyway, how I understood what they said was this: If your a speculator and are facing losses, we will not help you. Small business go under all the time, and yours is just another in that statistic. If you are a homeowner, a person who bought a home not on speculation but as a place to live, and you start to face difficult times due to the current situation, it seems to me that they are going to be more willing to help out in that situation.

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    I hope you're right. But Russia is absolutely awash with oil money. Is it spending this money to improve its society and standard of living? No way. A huge portion of this money is going to strengthen their military. Same story with China.

    Also, I'm sorry to get off topic about this thread. But I just want people to wake up. America is way too comfortable. It thinks it's invincible. This kind of blindness could very well lead to its downfall. America's dominance is not going to last forever. Every great power in world history declines sooner or later.
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