They must have read my mind , large blocks of shares removed from short avail

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  1. I was just yesterday thinking that the public should demand all their shares be put in certificate form or removed from the lending program.

    Nah, they cant do that, street makes too much money on that.

    Turns out a few large players have done just that,

    Calif pension fund removes their GS MS and others from the pool

    About time the people got smart , dont ya think

    Lets face it, even some of the pinheads here can figure it out.

    You are a long term investor with a stake in the co.

    You lend your stock to financial terrorists so they can shoot you with your own bullets.

    Now how dumb is that.
  2. mokwit


    About as dumb as you would expect from people who get paid on fees generated on assets under managemet rather than performance.
  3. I agree. They are losing the interest on the loan AND I'm sure they were told when they bought the long stock that that would get an additonal return by lending it back. It would seem Calpers fudiciary responsibilty is to the people who contribute. If Calpers does not take advantage of making money then the pensioners are indirectly bailing out MS & GS.
  4. u nuts?

    a few % interest and they stock is trashed 90%

    hope you trade better than you think
  5. Well then. Calpers can hold it and get nothing in return, because GS & MS are/will fail because of short sellers. There is a school of thought that subscribe to every crash is caused by short sellers.
  6. calpers will still get fucked. market instead of correcting 30-40% will now go down 70% due to pricing inefficiency