They just Lose!!

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    Big traders just lose! They just lose!
    Lol.. just wanted to say that..

    MF GLOBAL BILLION DOLLAR BET GONE BAD -- They had 8 billion dollars

    Think about it, collectively the big trades have lost far more money then the small traders!

    Now for another question.. I don't have the link but one article on MF Global said they were increasing the amount of bets they used to bet against their customers, i.e take the other side.

    They call them principal trades. Does that sound like what I think it does or is it something more benign?

    Do "they" brokers really want us to think they wouldn't coattail us? GET REAL. When the Hunt Brothers were asked by their sister what they were doing, he replied "Just trying to make a buck."

    Have you notice the "rich" have got to point where they don't even want to take our money "honestly" but just outright steal and print? Is this the last stages of the fiat money system?

    I'm referring to likes of Fulltilt Poker, Enron, etc...

    If you look into how Goldman Sachs was formed then it was basically a scam from the start. It went from like $200 a share to a few pennies.

    Are we seeing that same attempt at "gaming" here by MF Global? They had 8 billion and were worth less then a 1 billion. Was this just a blatant attempt to print money by them?

    I also want to say this is pretty bad for futures industry because MF Global had the very best reputation. If they can't be trusted then nobody can.. Who all cleared/had money in MF Global? Don't most futures firm use them?
  2. Is this really your first rodeo kid?