They just banned short selling in US

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nitro, Sep 18, 2008.

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  2. link? If true, we are going to rip even higher tomorrow.
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    Seriously, I think SIFs should gap up 100 handles. You can't short the equity market! I am looking at ESZ8 1223 bid. It should be locked limit up.

    What's the risk?

  4. WSJ says that the SEC is contemplating "approving" such a rule.

  5. Why don't they just ban ALL selling??? After all, Joe Public is happy when the market goes up and sad when it doesn't. We can have it go up every day and make everyone smile???

    G-d when did America die?
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    i'm thinking the same thing- surprised we're not higher. look at the dom for the ES- no size showing vs normal this time of day- big gaps on the ask- i sure as fuck wouldn't step in front of a train knowing the govt. just disabled the brakes...
  7. all this hysteria definitely signaling bottom.
  8. Is THAT why futures made a quick stab at 7:37 and have been rallying? I can't find a headline anywhere. I was able to steal an NQ contract from a guy at 1721.50 milliseconds before it shot up when I saw ES breakout. Sold it at 1725 because I had no idea what was going on and thought it might have been just a stop shake-out before they took it down, but a gain is a gain!
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    Why on earth would a trader allow others to get in cheaply?

    These offers in SIFs are idiotic gamma scalpers _programs_ from option market makers. They have no idea what the news is. Don't be afraid of them. Lift the offer into oblivion. Free money. No risk.

  10. Where'd the free market go?
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