they dumped silver in 2008

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  1. is silver more speculative than gold?
    someone dumped a pile of silver on the market.
    was this a hedgefund that blew up on a metal/commodity trade?

    id like to hear from some veteran metal traders about their thoughts on why silver is selling at such a fantastic price.

    SLV closed $11.90
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    Why do you think it's a fantastic price?
  3. silver has to be the cheapest metal around since cost of production is $5-$7 per oz in general.

    silver is a sidestream for base metal miners so the apples to apples COP credit usually goes to the base metal basis.

    an opinion of course
  4. So silver is cheaper than copper, nickel & tin?

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  5. no, cheaper as to relative abundance,

    a very different metric
  6. slv closed 13.34 today.

    i wonder if this trade is one of those ones i will regret not having 1 billion to put on and holding it for 52 wks.

  7. $14.25
  8. IMO silver is the place to be, even moreso than gold. When gold and silver hit their previous highs in 1980, silver topped out around $50/oz.

    Given that the inflationary actions building up now are many times greater than they were then (and global to boot), just to get back to its previous inflation adjusted high would mean silver would go to at least $130.
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    Well, I'm thinking silver and gold are heading down for a while....there's a massive dollar shortage out there and USD should appreciate significantly against EUR, JPY, GBP, etc. in the coming months. This should drag the metals with it, and since silver crashes hard when it heads down that's my play. Looking for $10 silver, possibly $8 if things pan out.
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