They don't want peace, they want war...

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  1. Netanyahu Government Tells Obama What He Can Do With His Peace Plan

    Washington Director of Policy Analysis, Israel Policy Forum
    Posted April 22, 2009 - 9:10am

    There can be no doubt: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not much care what President Obama thinks about negotiations with the Palestinians. He seems to be making the same mistake that Obama's opponents in the 2008 election made. He thinks Obama is a lightweight and that he can just roll him.

    It's pretty incredible considering that President Obama leads the nation that is Israel's lifeline. The whole world is lining up to cooperate with the new -- and incredibly popular -- President, but not the new Israeli government.

    Yesterday, speaking at the White House, Obama expressed, yet again, his strong commitment to the two-state solution and added that the United States expects action now. He called on Israelis and Palestinians to take "some concrete steps all parties can take that are evidence of that resolution. The United States is going to deeply engage in this process to see if we can make progress."

    The Israeli government's response: fuggetaboutit.

    Today's Washington Post quotes Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon as saying that "the new Israeli government will not move ahead on the core issues of peace talks with the Palestinians until it sees progress in U.S. efforts to stop Iran's suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon and limit Tehran's rising influence in the region," (Post's words).

    ""It's a crucial condition if we want to move forward If we want to have a real political process with the Palestinians, then you can't have the Iranians undermining and sabotaging," Ayalon said. Israeli newspapers reported other officials with similar rejections of Obama's entreaty.

    Pretty incredible. One of the reasons Obama is so eager to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is because he understands that doing so will help the United States address the Iran issue without going to war. And here the Israeli government takes the American approach and stands it on its head. Talk about sabotaging.

    I guess Netanyahu is counting on pro-Israel organizations in America to line up behind him and not Obama. He is wrong. Someone needs to tell him that Barack Obama is more important than Avigdor Lieberman and the settler bloc. Maybe it should just be Obama.
  2. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman assures the world of Tel Avivs influence on the White House and any new peace initiative. During his first comprehensive interview on foreign policy since taking office, Lieberman said ....

    Lieberman: America accepts all our decisions

    Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman assures the world of Tel Avivs influence on the White House and any new peace initiative. During his first comprehensive interview on foreign policy since taking office, Lieberman said the administration of US President Barack Obama would put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to. "Believe me, America accepts all our decisions," he told Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets. On the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, Lieberman repeated his criticism of a two-state solution as "a nice slogan that lacks substance." During the years former prime minister Ehud Olmert controlled Israel, the two sides were generally deemed to have faint chances of moving toward the prospect of permanent peace due to Israeli efforts to stonewall the US-proposed process. The bid was also meaningfully marred by a three-week Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip and the killing of 1,500 Palestinians in September and January. The ultra-right government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has put it straight that the idea of a Palestinian state stands no chance at all. Shortly after his installation as foreign minister, Lieberman rejected an agreement drawn up at the 2007 peace conference in Annapolis, calling it valueless. Many around the world -- and in Israel alike -- were left in a state of shock. Even though the Tuesday remarks by Lieberman confirm the extent of Israeli influence in US politics, they starkly contrast claims by Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin a day earlier. "The Obama administration is determined to take initiative and move forward central processes in the Middle East," Yadlin told ministers at a special cabinet meeting that focused on the dangers Obamas Middle East policy pose for Israel. Obamas intent, he said, is to "advance the peace process in the direction of realistic discussions with all parties including extremist elements."


  4. How long until people accept the truth of a situation?

    Or will they keep trying to shout the messenger down...

  5. The problem with you (you are becoming ever more similar to zog and many others in that regard) is that you don't debate properly.

    When someone raises a point (or points) you have to address it. You either rebut it, minimize its importance, or dispute the conclusions. What you cannot do is IGNORE it. That is what demagogues do.

    In response to your never ending posts about influence of Israel, I pointed out that in light of imperialistic foreign policy, US relationship with Israel is neither particularly special nor the most dangerous one in its implications. You went off on a tangent because you could not even acknowledge this simple fact.

    Now you post sensationalist articles about opinions of AIPAC members, various blowhards and now israeli foreign minister.

    Does US accept all Israeli decisions concerning state of Palestine? Most likely. Does US accept all Israeli decisions period? not a chance in hell.

    I tell you even more. I have serious suspicions that US got Arafat poisoned to put mahmoud abbas as their favorite puppet in. Furthermore, when Hamas won elections in gaza, it was a total embarrassment for US. So now there is a systematic policy of making sure gaza is kept down while promoting west bank and its fatah (abbas government). That is to make sure palestinians learn the "correct" political views.

    All of this means nothing because palestinian question is a question nobody gives a shit about(US cares about it insofar as to not have any hassles for Israel and Israel cares about its territory). It is a bunch of hopelessly poor individuals who cannot lobby or be of profit to anyone. For all their muslim "brotherhood", none of the oil rich states would take palestinians in, even though they could.

    So US pays lip service to the issue, because quite frankly IT DOES NOT CARE. US is not in the business of spreading freedom and democracy. That is what naive school children learn. US is in the business of promoting its own (commercial and military) interests. As far as middle east is concerned, it is overwhelmingly about OIL.
  6. Irrational.

    Full of emotion, not calmed sensibility...

  7. LOL. You have officially crossed over into ZOG category. MENTAL IGNORE.
  8. Another emotional response...

  9. Calmly list valid points. If they are opinions only, what is the point?

    I know the opinions of Zionists already...

  10. Arnie


    I personally think they (Israel) need to just blow it out one last time and nuke Iran, and take over all of the PLO territories. This thing will never end, one side has to defeat the other.........with finality. How many of you would agree to a country next door, who's only goal is to annihilate you? Anybody?

    If you really believe the Arabs want peace, I have a bridge for
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