They don't know the reason for the blackout but they

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  1. know that it is not terrorism: huh they are very bright indeed to be capable of knowing nothing except that :confused:
  2. dude, it was a blackout during a peak demand time -- an afternoon in August in the Northeast. It's happened before. It's not a political event. Why not have an inquisition over a flat tire?

    the real story is how well everyone conducted himself. But that's not the kind of thing that politicians can grandstand on.

    new day, new story.
  3. If you drop an egg and it falls to the ground and breaks open, you don't have to understand gravitational dynamics to know that the egg didn't drop to the ground and break because it was committing suicide

    In any given case, you can always know a myriad of things something is NOT without knowing what it IS
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    Probably a small, real small amount of truth in the lightening strike theory.

    Maybe the main reasons include;
    With supply and demand being so tight;
    its easy to go off the charts more so at peak demand . Perhaps the wonder is power works such a high % of time.

    With increased computer,fax machines etc...;
    demand has been strong , long,as evidenced by many more phone area codes.


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    What? No grand conspiracy theory? I'm pretty dissapointed in you, HT.
  6. Because a flat tire doesn't represent any financial interest. For example the government now knows the names of the men who bought abnormal volume of options just before the 11th september and they don't want to reveal the names of these guys ...

  7. Really ? Because a terrorist doesn't know how to drop an egg also ?

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    I could never understand why the anti-abortionists let women drop their eggs every month.

    It is definite an egg suicide issue plain and simple.

    They should have emergency on call crews scrabbling to collect and store them for the future.

    If their were only a way to manage it, all women should snail mail their protection to the anti-abortionists so they could sort out the eggs before they commit eggicide.

    We could set up a commodities market for this. Is there a caviar market in commodities??
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    Nope, just shrimp futures (MGE).

    And for Petesake, don't get the right to lifers all riled up about eggicide! Do we really need another constitutional-amendment crisis?
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