They can't be serious

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    I think you are over playing this.

    ...following Ronald Reagan's playbook by not divulging the details about what specific tax loopholes he would close and the rates that would be set under his administration. Ryan said the reason is "because we want to get it done."
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    Tsing Tao

    I can see the argument on tax loopholes. If he makes it public which ones they would close, lobbyists would storm and crush it. Of course, you can't go after the democrats on Obama care if that reason is why they did it, either.
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    Sad, but one has to laugh.

    Ryan: Hey, Na...Nan...(hiccup)...Nancy...Yo...You...ain't as du...(hiccup)...dumb as I thoug...thought.

    Pelosi: How'...(hiccup)...Howzat....Pee...uh...Paul?

    Ryan: That...pla...(hiccup)...plan that you pu...pul...pulled off with Odumbocare. Tha...that...(hiccup)...was pretty sli...sli...slick. I think that migh...might work for me and Mi...Mi...Mittens.

    Pelosi: Hands off tu...tur...turd. Tha...(hiccup)...that was my idea.

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    Why they did ObamaCare is not important. The fact that they did it and the public doesn't like it is what is important.

    Since the specifics of ObamaCare are now available (even if they weren't when the law was voted on) are fair game for attacks. This is a case of being able to have your cake and eat it too that makes perfect sense.
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    Reporter: Mr. Nixon, how will you end the war in Vietnam?

    Nixon: (Serious look on face, eyebrows lowered and in that famous Nixon voice...) I have a secret plan to end the war with dignity.
  6. Well hell then, why tell anybody anything about any bill? I wish I could quote jobs this way. Hey, you'll know how much it costs when you get the bill. This is just one more example of how there's not a dimes worth of differnece between the two parties and how they operate.
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    There is no bill yet. How they will go about this is anybody's guess. We'll just have to wait until a bill is offered to see. I'm sure the Democraps will try to tear it appart since the bill will have to be available to Senators and Congressmen.

    Personally, I think Ryan was snowing the reporter to avoid divulging what tax breaks were going to get cut before the election. In fact, Romney probably doesn't know specifially all of the tax cuts that will be eliminated. Like any presidential candidate, you don't have a lot of information or the vast numbers of analysts working on the problem yet that is only privy to the President.
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    ^Cop out^
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    Gotta love liberal yahoo news.:(
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