They ARE the BEST there is

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  1. BTW, fine link to that video.

    That Harris woman is, in the words of dear brother bob, "uglier than a can of assholes." Maybe SHE should be the face of the right-wing abstinence campaign.

    She looks like a friggin' ape. Makes me think maybe she's related somehow to Dubya??
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  2. facetious? nuhhhhhh

    pragmatist maybe..:D

    They pulled it off din't they? spineless libs did nada.

    end justifies means, win at all cost, might makes right :D

    resinate got it right "If you do the crime.... its party time on the tax payers dime" ahahaha
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  3. I lover these videos and the anti bush sentiment....they are so flawed, so radical that i hope they make 20 more.....The bigger question you should be asking is this: Is this the face of the new democratic party????? No matter what it is you blame bush,,,,maybe it is all his fault, but do you think middle of the road democrats ( which is basically the whole south) shares more in common with Bush or the lunatics spouting this exaggerated garbage????? The Democrats have become hostage to the radicals and now they can't go back....I;ve said it before, if more Liberals talked and acted like Adam Colmes....the GOP would be in big trouble....Lieberman is trying to walk the line now...we'll see....keep up the good work though.:D ....there are millions of southern democrats who don't want to see their party pander to gay, anti war least Clinton was smart enough to pander to them and stay in the middle.....Gore lost his own home state of tennessee....yet it's all about florida right??LOL,
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  4. Well den I lover cows, dead cows, an fish covered in oil - to eat, to watch, to fish... heck'm Ize like anything covered in oil. Didja ever take one of dem oil baths? Or masturbate on top of an oil rig - ooohhhee, cause that's what lifes all about. Fryin' niggers is nice too, but sometime you actually have to wait until they do sometin' before you can fry 'em... unless yusa bored an soin' is the sheriff, then you can pick 'em off the street like, hey Bubba! - check this out - then you can pick 'em off the street like cotton off the vine!:D :D Boysem I crak myself up! Hey boys watcha say we get off this here in her net a blow up some musloms. Don't they look like blackies to you? ..hold on I got a call...
    what? you say I've gotta be a democrat now? Well what's the difference? Awe quite botherin' me with this nonsense, let the other guy pick 'cause I don't care... well exactly... jimboB you sure can be stoopid sometimes, don't you know it don't make no difference what party who is? huh? That's right boy it's about the money... now yuze a gettin' it.. alright, later...
    I'm back... where was I?? Oh yeah, shootin' darkies... or was it oil?
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