They ARE the BEST there is

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  1. Hahaha! :D

    Nice presentation! (More grist for bungrider's mill!)

    Greg Palast goes off about it in his book Best Democracy Money Can Buy; each page is just dripping with loathing for Bush. Jim Cramer on paper. :) (Does make serious and disturbing points though)

  2. If you do the crime.... its party time on the tax payers dime

    If there were only justice.....
  3. Guess I don't know how to interpret this post. Do you mean to imply that what happened was a good or bad thing?

    Cannot tell if this is sarcasm or if you truly believe "winning at any cost" is justifiable.

    whatever, it truly was a sad moment in America's history.

    The events were sad, the outcome was sad, but worst of all, the actions of the GOP machine in Florida not being taken seriously and measures not taken to prevent such an occurrence from possibly repeating itself is the saddest part of all.

    This is not about one's political beliefs. Maybe Bush was the better candidate. Maybe Bush truly would have won the Florida electoral votes anyway. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Anything is possible. But the fact will always remain that there was great injustice and that whether or not it had any impact or not on the election, people were deprived of their right to vote. And that is inexcusable.

    No one should be gloating over what happened. If Gore's brother was Governor, and everything that happened were reversed, even the most anti-Bush Democrats would be embarrassed and outraged.

    Why is the GOP machine non- apologetic? Why is Katherine Harris a hero to the machine rather than being outcast as an incompetent (or worse)?

    It is a joke to me that the Democrats that complained about the process were said to be demonstrating "sour grapes". I do not understand how this small minority of continuous objectors can even be considered a factor in the fallout of what happened.

    The Supreme Court made a decision. Right or wrong, the country abided by it. That is the law of the land. The Democratic party abided by it. Gore himself abided by it.

    It is hard (impossible) for me to imagine Bush (and his family and supporters) accepting these same results if the tables were turned.

    Again, I don't think it pays to dwell over what could have been, or should have been. It is over. But if Vinny-Nolan-Whoever thinks this is something to gloat about, then that is pathetic. I don't believe a miniscule fraction of 1% of the most staunch Republicans could think what happened is something good. Something to celebrate. Something justifiable in any sense.

    Thankfully, whatever Vinny-Nolan-Whoever thinks is not representative of the people. (Assuming his feelings are as they appear to be).

    Why politics have to be celebrated at this level is shameful. And certainly un-American.

  4. I agree; what I find most appalling and disgusting about the media is how they portray ANY criticism of that retard Bush's actions as "sour grapes," whether it's about the election, war, shitty economy, etc.

    Like I said before, this will all come out during the next election. This country survived Nixon and Reagan, and didn't seem to learn anything from it. It'll happen again, but probably not in 2004.

    I wouldn't even wipe my ass with any member of the GOP. They make Columbian drug lords look like Sesame Street characters.

    Moving out party for W at my house, Nov 2004.
  5. Looking forward to it!!!!
    I'll bring hot dogs, potato salad (or potatoe salad, if Dan Q. rides with me), and beer. And anything else you need. Just let me know:cool:

    Desert will be supplied by AAA, and Kymer. Heard they plan on bringing sour grapes with whipped cream. LOL

  6. Ahahaha, justice smustice. This IS the NewAmericanCenturyProject.

    Survival of the fittest, strongest, richest, sleaziest. The more crooked, the more deceitful, the better the rewards.
    The weak, poor, defenseless will be squeezed for all they got.

    Justice, a novel idea, sold to the moronic masses. Money buys any justice you want.:D This is Texas law, win at all costs, end justifies the means. resistance is futile, you will be assimilated, invaded, killed, bribed. Long live the morons taxpayers.

    You don't like it, get out. Hell's bells buddy, your puny country will be invaded next. Stop it if you can :D

    CAN you?:cool:
  7. OK, well I am glad to see that you were being facetious in your "Best there is" post.

    Gotta agree with you. "Texas style justice" and buying justice, while in vogue now, is about as feasible a system as was the Soviet "experiment". Or the Third Reich (not to make political comparisons, just feasibility).

    Yeah, the weak and the poor will get stomped on for a while. But "let them eat cake" has never worked as a political philosophy in the long run.

    While it would seem apparent that "voters" votes don't count for much, 2000 really was an aberration (we should all hope...even the most reactionary right wing fanatics...because they too are supposed to believe in the ideals of our nation). And if the poor schmucks are stupid enough to give away the country to the top 1% of the wealthiest, well, then I guess their stupidity carries that price.

    But I have more faith in democracy and our citizens than that.

    Hope I am not being naive myself in giving Americans more credit than they deserve.

  8. cable


    The hardcore political zealots in America have to realize that whether Republican or Democrat, CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION. It is a Very Bad Thing. There is no justification for it. People who think "bending" the law in order to serve a "greater good" (ie keeping the Democrats from winning an election) is acceptable are living without human morals and should be neutered immediately so they can't pollute our gene pool with their corrupt little sperms. The death of fair play and honesty in all parts of society is at crisis levels.

    And I'm only saying this because I personally know people who are actually that stupid and ethically blind. But they also thought Gordon Gekko was the good guy in Wall Street, only *he didn't go far enough*. They suggested that he should have murdered Budd Fox in order to protect himself.

    We're creating this world, but I suggest you enjoy our creation from behind locked doors.
  9. I have one problem with this video, and it is this: "Is this the future of Democracy in America?" Unless this was a rhetorical or meant sarcastically I do not agree with the implication that, this is somehow not the past and present of democracy in America. This is a corrupt incident in a long line of corrupt incidents. But before you call me a conspiracy theorist - check out the Tiden v. Hayes election. You'll notice Florida played its part there too.

    Have a nice day,
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