They Are Going To Put Chiites The Most Extremist Muslims At The Head Of Irak Wharf !

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. hahaha even before they announced I told you that their plan was just to replace a dictatorship by another and this one will be worse than Saddam because the whole arab world will now become totally under the regim of Ayatollahs like dictatures. In fact the whole arab extremits world were relatively "calm" for they were waiting Saddam to be kicked off. Now they will be able to make WAR TO OCCIDENT WITH FULL POWER !

    As usual you lack knowledge from history: THE NAZIS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ALLIED OF ARAB TERRORISTS GROUPS. What happens today is not a surprise for me since BUSH FAMILY IS IN PRO-NAZI CAMP.

    p.s.: The chiites muslims group is the most extremist of all muslim groups they consider all other religions and occident as an ennemy to destroy. How do you explain that the government favor them don't tell me that they didn't guess what is going to happen not within the short term since these extremists will be careful not to show themselves under their despotic face for the moment, but in the coming years...

    Unfortunately the Arab people will be of course brainwashed by these extremists to make the war to the whole Occident.
  2. Nah I cant agree with ya Harry... Donny Dumsfeld (the boss of Iraq's current leader) said that there is gonna be no Theocracy in Iraq... a veiled reference to Iran...

    P.S. That's a cute lion cub in your there sign off...
  3. yep, sounds like a true democracy..."you guys can elect any leader you want as long as we're OK with it"

    "you can get your ford model T in any color as long as it's black"

    and donny douchefeld said openly today at a press conference that he would not allow iraq to become anything like iran

    the stupidity snowballs by the minute

    i feel sorry mostly for the people who still don't get it...i guess they've already accepted the fact that ten years from now it'll cost the taxpayers another $100billion to fix this new problem in iraq...


    and haven't they done an excellent job of catching OBL and saddam?! :D what a competent bunch of leaders we have!!!