"They" are at it again!!!

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    "They" are at it again! An unspeakable strategic move to reverse decimalization is now getting close to its realization, of course by lying, bribing, and murdering. The SEC chairman who once swore less than 6 months ago that he would protect the public interests, especially those of the small investors, is now being compromised. Meanwhile "they" will enhance new measures such as order submission and cancellation fees to make sure their privilege unfair to the outsiders which violates every basic market principle.

    If SEC wants to reverse the decimalization, I only agree under the condition that the PDT rules are reversed and no new unfairness will be introduced.

    F ck the S.O.B. "they" and chairman!
  2. the sec sucks..

    pdt should be f***ing illegal.

    now i'm hearing they want to settle with martha stewart.. i wonder how nice they'd be to me if i did some insider trading. they'd either send me to jail or wipe out my life savings trying to defend myself. but no, they'll be nice to martha because she has deep pockets and can put up a good fight. they should nail her to the f***ing wall. set an example for everyone else who considers ripping off investors/traders who play by the rules. if they let her off easy, it just encourages more people to do it. the sec sucks.

    just saw cybill shepherd disussing martha because she played her in a movie. basically, she feels bad for her. boo hoo hoo.
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    Actually, Martha was given a much harder time because of her high profile than you would ever be given. She filled a seasonal news lull last June between Afghanistan and Iraq warfare. Big deal, even if she was guilty, the grand total of what she profited from her insider information was about $60,000 at most, far less than the millions she has had to spend on legal fees alone as a result of all this.
  4. the poor thing. so the conclusion is that if you are somebody with deep pockets, than you can disregard the law (and common sense)
  5. no ^%$#!










    before they do

    (i used to "believe" in it all .. "60s")

    NO MORE!:-/
  6. that is the biggest crock of crap I have ever seen! I'd like to hear her opinion on decriminalizing rape... maybe she'd argue after all it's just rough S E X!!

    But I bet she's a hypocrite of the first magnitude being in the media.

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    Otherwise, what's the point in becoming rich?
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    perhaps the most misanthropic statement i've ever read.
  9. yes go for it. just let us know beforehand for what securities, that we do not touch them with a ten foot pole ...

    have a look at this chart


    and the news which came out on May 12.

    Micrologix provides guidance on timing of MBI 226 Phase 3 results
    Monday May 12, 11:44 am ET

    VANCOUVER, May 12 /CNW/ - Micrologix Biotech Inc. (TSX: MBI - News; OTC: MGIXF - News), today issued its Quarterly CEO Message in which Dr. Jim DeMesa, President & CEO, provided comments on various company activities, including an update on the timing of results for the Phase III trial of MBI 226, now anticipated to be available by mid-August, 2003 (previous guidance had indicated a more general timeframe of third quarter 2003).

    In addition, Micrologix, in collaboration with Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc., recently completed a face-to-face pre-New Drug Application (NDA) meeting with representatives of the U.S. FDA (FDA). During the meeting, the FDA discussed the preparation of the NDA for MBI 226 and provided useful recommendations for a successful submission. With a positive outcome in the Phase III trial, Fujisawa and Micrologix anticipate filing of the NDA in the first half of calendar 2004.


    these happenings are rarely questioned, even more rarely prosecuted, and most rarely (significantly) fined for (and not even talking about criminal penalties here ...)

    and one wonders why canadians are reluctant to invest in their own stock market ...
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