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  1. there is a chatroom in paltalk by this there paid info any good ??? i ask here rather than in the room because any questions asked will get a person banned from the room and the moderators seem to be good traders but they also have the emotional intelligence of a 10 year old....participants are only allowed to praise the room and their course to the guys if you have experience and can give feedback.... good or bad please do so .........thanks in advance.....
  2. Sounds like a crap room if they act like that you can find better
  3. A few of my friends spent some time there and said the performance was a mixed bag and the room is loaded with shills who continually rave about the guru, Greg who is continually pitching his webinar. There is also a sidekick moderator who calls out scalp trades like a finger stuck on the trigger of an automatic rifle with a huge clip. They noticed a lot of people getting booted who asked reasonable questions. Very uncool.

    They had no interest in buying the product which seemed really expensive given the "coin toss" performance they witnessed.
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    Looks like they use a breakout technique. They also try to find "major reversals" using Market Profile. They say they only use 3 simple setups. Can anyone describe the 3 setups?
  5. You answered your own question. Honest vendors have nothing to fear from questions. Charlatans don't like anything that exposes them
  6. This thread was started 2 years ago. I guess Zombies do exist as this thread was brought back from the dead.