Thething Iphone to laptop for internet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by professorkev, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Guys (& gals)

    A few things. I'm getting a laptop, probabbly pc, 13" (for on the go) considered a mac but the cost $$$. (and I trade go figure)

    1) Can you tether the new iphone to the laptop to access the internet and is trading that way ok (for when on vacation or out and about from my regualr trading station)

    Anyone trade (check up on market) with the iphone alone?

    How is trading on a laptop in 3g with ATT?

    Going to Cape Cod at end of June so want to be prepared.
  2. iPhone can tether, but it is carrier dependent. Currently AT&T does NOT allow it.
  3. ahhh, thats the cathc on ATT, and know way around it either huh! Damn ATT and with iphone your stuck with ATT (I use ATT)
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    I've noticed devices available to use your iphone to allow your PC to connect to the internet. I don't know how AT&T would ever know. But the iphone internet speed is just a fraction of a mbd. By comparison, the verison usb port device that is about $60 a month is 1.4mbd and my cable connection is about 10mbd.
  5. I get 1.6-2.0Mbps down with my iPhone over 3g (according to the app).

    Pretty damn fast IMHO.