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  1. Hi

    Can anyone provide any real experiences they might have had with

    I have not seen any replies to this question that has been posted in the past.

    His free chat room and blotters seem to indicate that the is consistently profitable and I am tempted to buy one or more of his products. But have been burnt in the past so am looking for references.

  2. doesn't anyone know anything? I guess all his customers are satisfied or I would be hearing something.
  3. Is this business operated by the ET member known as NihabaAshi?
  4. Yep, he left us but maybe he didn't really leave ..:)
  5. Much quieter but useful
  6. Ladies and gentlemen:

    Please I am trying to get legitimate information before I spend any money.

    I am not connected to the vendor in any way. Can anyone ever get any information at these forums about any vendor without being accused of being the vendor himself?

    BTW: If I was the vendor I would have gotten someone to post some positive replies. Instead all we hear is the sound of silence (Simon and garfunkle will want royalties soon.) :p

    Does anyone know any real information instead of just silly comments and innuendo .

    PM's accepted gladly.

  7. Ask the vendor for broker statements to prove he really is first a trader and secondly a vendor ,like he claims on his website..wanna bet he will have some excuse :)

    Just did a search for "thestrategylab" on ET , the first one dates from 2005 and your thread is the second , shortly after Niha "left" ET , suspicious ,no ? :)
  8. The answer is in your first post.

    Give the car a test run before you put your money down.

    If you like what you hear after 2 weeks (or 10 weeks, for that matter), just plunk the change down for one of his products.

    Doesn't seem like such a big deal to me.

    Good Luck
  9. He posts his trades in the free chat room and also posts his daily blotters. So he "seems" like a successful trader. What else can I ask for?

    The only suspicious thing is that I cannot get an answer from anyone who has used his methods and either liked them or not. This has me really puzzled. Isn't there one person who tried it or knows someone who tried it?

    very strange!!!!
  10. What else ? you can read english ,no ?
    Ask him to put his broker statements on his website and he will be one of the few..

    Yes, he posts his trades in the chat room but NEVER posts the exact amount of contracts for each trade, that way you can't know for sure he is profitable..
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