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    My name is Yavuz Bilgin. I'm both a banker and a graduate student at Hacettepe University. I currently write my thesis. It's about forex trader's behaviour. I need your help. I have to apply at least 300 people. If you want you can check the survey. The survey's link is below. Thank you for your support in advance.


    Yavuz BILGIN
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    Please guys. I need your help. I's not too long. You can contribute to science by taking only 15 minutes.
    There are no good or bad answers to the questions. Please try to answer the questions in a way that best reflects your own thoughts, not thinking about how it should be. The average response time of the test is 15-20 minutes. At no stage will you be asked for your identity, the questionnaires will be kept in secret, and no one other than the researcher will be able to learn your answers. Please try to mark each sentence sincerely. The necessary permits were obtained from the Hacettepe University Ethics Commission for the implementation of the questionnaire.

    The link of the survey is below. Thank you for your support in advance.

    Kind regards.

    Yavuz Bilgin