These Ratings Of Open E Cry Is A Joke

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Rickshaw Man, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I have been reading the complaints about the problems traders were having with OEC after a mandatory upgrade. Then I saw some negative ratings and I knew there would be a positive one up there in no time. Well sure enough there it is.

    Anyone thinking they are getting an honest review of these firms is mistaken. This place is crawling with company trolls to rebut an negative reviews.

    I am not an OEC client, nor have I ever been one.
  2. Or the negative reviews are posted by competitors hoping to hurt OEC's business.

    Bottom line - there's no way to know who is actually providing those ratings and should be taken lightly.

  3. FB123


    I've noticed the same thing with a couple of other firms, notable MB Trading and LightSpeed. As soon as a negative review showed up, a positive review followed it usually within the same day. What a joke.
  4. Eight


    It happens with product reviews everywhere... look at the timing of the reviews, good on the heels of bad = advertising blurb...

    and doing your own due diligence.. in regard to a broker API for example.. in regard to complex software... LOL

    The only way you can do much diligence at all is to try the software and work with it... sometimes it can be months before you find the fatal flaws too... reviews might help you to skip some really bad software but lots of software gets good reviews and can be fatally flawed right in the area that you need it to be good... I can't even get straight answers out of the people selling the software regarding what features it has sometimes...
  5. Did you have trouble with the OEC platform?