These people who are shorting ES tonight ...

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    flaming is easy.
    easy to shoot a trader for a bad trade (simulated or not).

    so please people, calm down.
    it's only natural to try to predict markets. I still wait for someone who never did it or will never do it again.

    However, at least, let this be a reminder : don't try to predict the market.
    Some don't like me for saying that, but it's a pity for them. Why not look at what happens instead of what might happen ?
    It's hard to accept, but that's the best way imho.
    Don't predict !

    Was it predicting ?
    yes, it was. The prediction was to think the down pressure and the gap would reverse.
    Not predicting in my case here, was to accept the trend was down and the down pressure likely to continue.

    there was this very interesting post a few days ago. a statiscal study of gaps..
    not all gaps are created equal. Anyone trading S&P500 or N100 would be smart to know about this. Again a very good study from one of the members.

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  2. tntneo

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    A shorter way to say what I mean.
    Please remember this :

    Consider what DOES HAPPEN, not what MIGHT happen.

    In the long run, you'll be more profitable, at least when you get this.

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  3. if it is any consolation, all 3 major indexes are looking oversold and the volume today was no big deal compared to the price movement.
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  4. Pabst


    Well said tntneo! Nice post.
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  5. Quah


    I'm still waiting for someone to say that we "shouldn't" have droped like we did today - or that today was not "real" since it was the day after a holiday. LOL.
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  6. ddefina


    we "shouldn't" have dropped like we did today - today was not "real" since it was the day after a holiday.
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  7. I have a new prediction for tomorrow:

    The markets will go up or down, but will not close at 0% unchanged.

    I'm pretty sure about this one.


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  8. when I was at (MER) we had an old timer there....once in awhile I'd go into his office and say, "Bob, whats the market gonna do today?" He always said the same thing, "It'll open at 9:30".

    His other good one was when someone would ask, "Bob , where's the market at". He'd say, "Corner of Broad and Wall Street"
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  9. Uptick 2k,
    Was it from Reminescence of a Stock Operator ? or was it for real? :)

    Actually, it could close unchanged..... like a Doji? .... :p

    Cheers !!! :p
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  10. doji-
    thats a true story of when I was at (MER)....I'm sure he picked those sayings up somewhere...maybe a book.
    I don't know if the guy is still there..every month he would storm out of his office and yell, "thats it! I'm done with this business!" I was there for 2 years.and he was there when I left..he must have been in his late 60's early 70's.
    He was one of the few people with a sense of humor there.
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