These people simply don't like each other

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  2. Michelle is arrogant, dumb and entitled. She is using primitive body language to convey her message of visceral dislike to Bohner because she has no other ways.
  3. If you can lip-read , Boner offered to blow her husband , in public.
  4. Michelle dumb?! rRIGHT. Only a moron rightie would think that. Michelle thinks Boner is a detestable obstructionist douchebag.... as all intelligent people do.
  5. 377OHMS


    Michelle is dumb. One critique of her graduate thesis said that "it is not written in any known language". Yeah, dumb. She washed out of the law firm that hired her and ended up in a patronage job at a hospital because of her politician husband. The Chicago Way.
  6. She's just mad because he's darker than her husband.:eek:
  7. Only a moron would expect the leader of the opposition to act like a rubber stamp to the majorities wish list.
  8. ktm


    Boehner just told them that this was the "whites only" table.
  9. For all of us non body language experts like you, what is modern body language? And what exactly is "primitive body language" ?
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    Lol, well done.
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