These kind of Profits CAN'T last!

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  1. A trader in our room, RoboCop, grandly announced the other day that we had successfully called 39 out of 40 trades in the last couple of weeks. The actual number is more like 41 out of 45 successful.

    This announcement is directed to newer traders who want to join a trading education room based on the track record of the trader/sponsor.

    Most of my efforts are directed to newer traders who venture into the difficult world of trading with only the upside in mind.

    Those who leave my site usually leave because they quickly learn that I talk of the work and energy and time required to step through the various stages of becoming a trader.

    It is usually disappointing. When they start I start talking about the similarities between entering Yale Law School and entering trading. Takes time and money. After all you are trying to become a professional.

    About the track record. True we have been successful since our inception in November 2006. But the recent rate of success is in my opinion, unsustainable. No one can continue to be that good.

    Part of it is luck, just missing some stops by 2 or 3 ticks. Part of it is the market climate. It has been acting particularly well-behaved at certain times of day, and more favorable to our trading style.

    The danger, and I don't want to scare away potential clients; is that someone takes the recent track record and assumes that all they have to do is sign up in the room, wait for one of our trading buzzers to sound, then run to the bank and make a deposit.



    You will come in, barely consider the trades where our stops do get hit, overleverage yourself and with a little bad luck, start trading right when we are ready to take 2 or 3 losses in a row.

    That has happened a few times since November 2006. Check it out.

    So treat our trading room, any trading room as just another tool---perhaps a means to pick up one or two techniques to add to your trading knowledge. Use your common sense.

    That will give you the staying power to survive.


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
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    you must be major in Psychology. :)
  3. Hey Nkhoi,

    From some of my ongoing battles with a few people I more likely have gotten a homespun degree in Psychiatry, LOL.

    What continues to amaze me Nkhoi, is the draw that Elite Trader has.

    Ten minutes after posting this, I see a signup in our room.

    I am paying thousands per month in Futures for an ad and the results are not comparable.

    The real good news is just today I began talks with Jim Cramer's producer. Who knows, a technical side to Jim's show, or just a co-endorsement. We will see. CNBC was blown away by our track record.

    I have had a job offer from Goldman for over a Mil per year.

    If Cramer endorses us, Geoff will need a sweatshop full of helpers to help him process credit cards, LOL.

    Are you still trading? It has been a while since I contacted you?


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
  4. Calling 41/45 isn't terribly difficult when you're trading a 9:1 risk-reward.
  5. Your track record is a farce.

    It's manipulated as you use "distance" and the "Internet" at your convenience to simulate better fills, targets and decisions.

    You should be in jail but I still have not found the correct way to report your dishonesty.

  6. <i>"If Cramer endorses us, Geoff will need a sweatshop full of helpers to help him process credit cards, LOL."</i>

    ...and you'll be blown out of the ym that very same day. Better brush yourselves up on the S&P :)
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    I'm still at my day job. I have to be 100% sure before I take the plunge.
  8. Would you care to address this issue you seem to keep avoiding

    Your website states that if someone signs up for a free trial it will cost 10.00. If you don't cancel the trail subscription your credit will be charged the regular 299.00 fee

    The fine print of that advertisement states that a costumer can't cancel their trail on your website or by email and must speak with someone with your company.

    There have been numerous posts in other puretick threads from members who tried to cancel their trail subscriptions and could not reach a operator . Their credit cards was charged by your company against their wishes and they had to endure the painstaking task of fighting the charges your company made

    This issue has been brought up in previous threads and you skip past them but reply to other comments that was later posted .

    Could you also answer why don't you allow members to cancel their subscription by website or email

    Comments from previous posts and the fine print from your trail subscription


    PureTick.Com - Terms of Service Agreement/Contract, Risk Disclosure, & Rules

    Please remember that cancellation requests may NOT be done via e-mail and only via phone. Please call 877 GO LONG1 or 828 255 2655 (US)


    "Last november, I took some vacation days and tried the 10 day trial period for $10 with Puretick. I thought the service was okay, but there is no way anybody could duplicate exactly the trading calls they provide. After seven days, I called in to cancel my membership and left several messages. Puretick actually forces members to call in to cancel. You cannot do it on their website. I left several messages and never heard back from anybody. Anyhow, the next week I went back to my full-time job. Then, a few weeks later I got my credit card bill & I was billed the $10 trial membership and the full membership of $299. I called in again and left several messages and I got an email from Geoff saying he never got any messages to cancel mymembership. Now, I am having to duspute the $299 with my credit card company. Take what you want from that. That was my experience with Puretick."-jheacock


    "As for Puretick --they had a few good things to say but looking back I would have to say that for the money anyone could do bette by watching the screen and trading a simulator but everyone thinks there is a shortcut out there. When I tried to cancel my membership with Puretick I had to call and they are unfuckingreal about letting you go. Its like trying to pull a baby off his mommy's tit."-dajuicer


    "so this is how they make money??

    Billing credit cards with no authorization??

    Now I am really confused

    So they make it difficult for you to leave in order to discourage you so they have the chance of billing the full $299.00??

    That's clever"-feb2865

    "I can't say they are the only ones that do it. DTN was the same way when I canceled them. They also charged me after I was out and I had to produce a few e-mails to the bank to get them on my own side for crying out louad. I was so pissed.

    Where I come from, if someone takes 299 bucks from you without your permission, they get baseball bat or bullet.

    Fuck You Cajun and fuck Alex too."-dajuicer


    "A friend of mine had the same problem
    He signed up for a 10 days trial. and then he called them to cancel but they never answered their phone so he sent them an email asking them to cancel.
    They never did and he was billed $299.00
    He spoke to them on live chat and they said they never received an email or an cancelation order.
    He then decided that fuck it i will just go with their call and hopefully cover my $299
    They call,s are not easy to follow neither accurate.
    He went ahead and cancelled his credit card so they cannot charge him again
    One thing he has learned is never trust a 10$ trial or if you do make sure you use a pre-paid credit card so taht you wont be billed if things dont work out"-Astrologer


    Okay here's the dope. I usd my debit/Visa/chase card. I have it for my trading expenses only. None the less, after I could not cancel my Puretick and DTN-IQ feed subscitpions using the method they required, they still went ahead and charged away.

    I had to prove to my bank that I followed proper procedures etc. before they would charge the money back or credit my account back. I had all the e-mails and they were satisfied with and so they (the Bank) credited my account in both instances After I had been charged by, both Puretick and DTN.

    I don't know why the bank sided with them or made me come up with proof, but they did. Maybe the vendors called bullshit on me to the bank I don't know, but I gave the guy from the bank a fucking verbal tune-up just for ..well jsut for being a banker I guess. I was just pissed off.

    All I can say is, if you as a vendor require someone to pysically call on the phone to cancel, and then no-one ever picks up the phone, or u can't leave a call-back number, you as a customer should have the right to shove the phone up or in any orifice of the vendor in question.


    It's bad enough their methodology sucks. It's inexcusable that they stole my and and at least one other person's money through unauthorized charges.-on the money

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    How can you even say that suan? I have been a member of the PT foom for 5 months now and have seen it un fold. Alex is super honest. We took a 50+ winner in deadzone but alas, his reules PREVENT him from putting dead zone trades the record. We hit a trail stop of 60+ points on max span yesterday, alas they dont record that in the record because only 1% of the 'newbies' take the break out trades. If he gets 30 ticks on a trade, he will report the nebie profit taking exit of 10 ticks. If anything the track record is under estimating PT's preformace. If you -were- a member and couldnt get anywhere nea r to it, the you just have some more learning to do IMO. Give me a priv message or call if you want to talk.

    The only thing that gives Alex an advantage is that he can trade with more $/leverage.

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    :D hey thats me method in a nutshell....:p
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