These Indices are about to rollover!!!

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    About 3 times when the markets were really about to sell off the "PPT" came in to save the day.

    But we will break through key technical support levels in the next 2 weeks.

    I think the fed minutes actually summed up what I have been trying to tell everybody for the past two months. There is nothing "goldilocks" about this economy right now!

    We broke through unprecedented territory in the QQQQ`s before the "SAVE THE RALLY BUYING PARTY" came to the rescue today at 3:00 Eastern time.

    So in the qqqq`s we need to close below 42.50 before we will be able to take the next leg down in the sell-off!

    I look for that to happen sometime in the next 2 weeks.

    What key technical levels of support in the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq are also key to break through and close below for confirming the downtrend in your opinion?
  2. yahoo sucks......i can`t get the url for the chart to work------i`m shorting that stock if it gets above 28 any time
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    I am kind of getting tired of posting bearish notes...this means the market is agreeing with me finally and I don't have to prove it any more.
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    Look at Shanghai go! Up 6% today. Up 10% in 2 days.
  5. Market is now where near the top. The reason I know is I have not had any inclination to buy anything. The last two times the market had sell offs I was about to put all my money into the market. Both times, the next day the market started to sell. The last time was this past sell off in the summer.

    I have absolutely no urge to buy so it ain't done. It's going to the moon and I am in money markets. lol.

  6. Your hilarious noddyboy......i don`t think they need any encouragment to pump things up......shoot the ym will probably be pumped up plus 30 overnight.

    The longs have been in santa claus rally mode for so long, they will have to get clubbed over the head for another 3 months before they realize its no longer in vogue/profitable to buy the dips.

    They will need to go to "DIPS ANNONYMOUS" and go through the 12 step program to de-tox their system from habitual dip
  7. bluestreak has become strktrd3 (or whatever his new handle is). I am net neutral on the mkt here and now, as soon as blue gets blown out we sell off. Vice versa when strk trdr posts his 10,000ish bullish note we sell off, either way we are near the end of this fed induced buying spree
  8. just go to yahoo finance, input the dow, nas, snp, qqqq for 1 month over-lapping chart...btw....what is the best free charting site for overlapping studies and then urling them to this site?
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