These FX traders pull 100%+ per month, why can't hedge funds do this???

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  1. 1) (March-2010 "winner")?.....from being up 50% to down 50% to up 150% in the span of several days?......DOUCHE! :(
    2) Some of those euro-poon chicks in the photos are "hot". :D
  2. The June-2010 "winner".......up 600%, down to up 400%, to up 1200%, down to up 400%?.....that's wreckless gambling. :(
  3. heech


    The June winner was up 1200% at one-point!? But then lost 75% over the last 2 days of the month?

    A lot of reasons why hedge funds don't *want* to do this.
  4. Most large hedge funds manage the accounts of endowments and pension plans and only need to make consistent returns.
  5. "Only make consistent returns"....

    I think that is by far the hardest thing to do as a trader.

  6. ....consistently below that of the S&P-500? They're "good" at doing that. :(
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