These Biases I have are Killing me

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Everyday I come in and expect the market to turn. This morning we're clearly in an uptrend and I keep thinking okay.. we're going to be turning and heading down soon instead of trading what's in front of me.

    I'm working on a way to isolate these opinions but it's been tough.

    I've become basically a breakeven trader as of recently. A big step from where I was. Consistent losing.
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    Trend is your friend.

    Sounds like your reversal indicators need work.

    What do you use now?
  3. Trade the Market, not the Money.

  4. I trade PA alone. using Supp/Res. areas.. no indicators.

    It's completing psychological, I guess wanting market to turn so I can pat myself on back and think.. You're so smart
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    Trend is your friend. You need a reliable method to measure trend. The opposite will dictate trend change (reversal). Guesswork leaves too much to the imagination and will lead you shorting bulls all the way up, and buying bears all the way down.

    How do you trade price action ?
  6. Just study the amazing traders here on ET. No one else has a problem.
  7. I don't know if you just like to complain or what but you've been talking about these psychological barriers affecting your trading for a long time now. You obviously understand that these are holding you back, are you just not working on them?

    I mean, your post below, I just cannot understand how you still have an issue with this after all this time. You need to feel smart??

  8. I don't understand it either. and to answer your question, no I guess I'm not working on them hard enough.
  9. The market is not going to change to satisfy who you are, you are going to need to change your current habits to fit it. That's just all there is to it. You can lament that this keeps happening but unless you put a plan into action to catch yourself and correct these mistakes in thinking before executing trades, then you're going to be here 5 yrs from now posting the same thing.

    It's all up to you. Almost all of us have had to change how we operate in order to make this trading thing work, you're not any different.

    So get to it already!


  10. Fireplug talks a good game but can;t give you ONE actual, practical, piece of advice that can be used profitably. It's all psychobabble mumbo jumbo voodoo.

    Any moron can tell you this nonsense.
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