These are quite practical points, all of them

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  1. Romeo


    There's so many other ways to improve the place too:

    - eliminate the post count and member status features. How is such fluff useful? All it does is encourage one-liners as people seek to gain 'status'. Scrap it I say - we should all be just members one and the same. No monitoring of how many times a person has posted. This alone would kill the celebrity culture and facilitate better discussion.
    - every month of two, vote on the job the moderators are doing. Some exercise good judgement, some exercise awful judgement. They may be volunteers but if bad judgement stifles an interesting thread, then we all lose. We need some sort of checks and balances. If enough members approve, then a moderator should be able to be stripped of being a moderator.
    - member vote on any user ban as above
    - I don't even like the idea of deleting posts (guess I'm a civil libertarian at heart). I can see the occasional need to remove crazy wild posts from a thread to keep the thread going, but I'd prefer a "sin bin" idea. One sin bin per forum. Want to see the banned posts from an index futures thread? Go look in the "sin bin" at what was pulled. It'd keep the original thread going and keep the voyeurs(!) and civil libretarians happy. Surely "moving" them is as easy for a moderator as deleting them outright?

    That's just off the top of my head but none of this will happen though!

    John Lydon