These are nice little tools

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by BlueStreek, Jan 26, 2007.


    If they pop the indices next week I am going to buy some 2xultra-shorts for my ira money as I can`t find anything to buy and hold right here, (amd, intc) are cheap, but they could both go lower on any kind of market downturn, if i stay in cash, i get killed by inflation/depreciating capital, i can`t short the cme, bot, goog`s of the world in an ira account which are the best trades right now, (everytime goog hits 505-515 just short it)

    So since these are shorts that you can go long on in an ira, this is my best bet to park some money til we get some better valuations in some of these stocks right here for the retirement portion of the portfolio.

    Its the end of january and the QID looks like the best risk/reward value play here as the qqqq`s are trading below their 50-day moving average, and look to be positioned for taking the next leg down from here.

    hopefully, i can get one more pop up next week to short with these tools, they are going to be highly successful ETFs, nice little tools for many types of strategies, whether hedging, or being able to take advantage of a falling market as oppossed to just sitting in cash for a mere 5% in an IRA account.