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    Hey Guys. Great Forum. Awesome amount of constructive info here. New To Trading, was wondering how the lettering system for futures months works. ex: H06 is March 06 but please explain why M06 is May ect. It's probably somethign simple I'm overlooking, but I'm missing correlation, and it's pretty frustrating. Thanks in advance!!
    - Josh the Newby
  2. M is june...

    I know that off of my head.
  3. My understanding is that F (January) was made F for First month. I was told that my first day as a runner many years ago. You go in order after that and try to avoid letters that could be mistaken as numbers on hand written tickets.
  4. wow.. thats kinda true:

    F - January
    G - February
    H - March
    I - 1
    J - April
    K - May
    L - 1
    M - June
    N - July
    O - 0
    P - 6
    Q - August
    U - September
    V - October
    W - 3
    X - November
    Y - 7
    Z - December
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    really interesting! did not know that ...