There's Gold in Them There Hills!

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  1. Looked into the 07/23-08/31 move in Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks, and came up with these stats:

    GLD +7.84%
    SLV +19.25%

    GDX +18.66%
    GDXJ +21.83%

    SLW +37.79%
    EGO +35.79%
    AEM +32.89%
    GG +25.76%
    ABX +24.90%
    GOLD +24.78%
    AUY +24.31%
    NEM +18.00%
    KGC +16.04%
    AU +0.80%

    Details for each of these mining companies (Top 10 Holdings in GDX) can be had in this article by ZEAL:
  2. I now have Calls and/or Bull Put Spreads in all these underlyings, with expiration dates ranging from November to March:
    GLD, SLV, GDX, GDXJ, SLW, and GG.

    So far so good with all these positions.
    We'll see if the current rally in precious metals continues next week.

    Here's the latest article from ZEAL's Adam Hamilton, my favorite authority on the Gold, Silver, and Mining sectors:

  3. omg here come the Gold bugs again haha..

  4. They even "staked a claim" to their own index!
  5. Ever trade that gold volatility instrument
  6. Never have, no.
    Just checked, and HUI has no options.
    What the difference is between HUI and GDX or GDXJ I'm not sure.