there's a word for these lads...... LUCKY

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  1. I used to hang out with this guy who had a younger brother (could have been 13, tops maybe 15) who had an affair with the neighbors wife. She was probably mid- 20's. This was not in the ozarks but in the burbs.

    No one talked about it much but his life was pretty much centered around this relationship. I think it lasted about 3 years. The kid was messed up the whole time.

    Ended up getting married for a short time to someone his age, had a kid, divorced, on drugs, off drugs. His youth was a big mess, and didn't adjust very well in a normal relationship, later on.

    I don't think he was "lucky". I have no sons but if I did I wouldn't want him banging no broads at 13 or 15.
  2. so 14 is fair game??
  3. So, all of the sudden, you get serious on me????
  4. Damnnnn...I don't remember my teachers looking like that. :(

    <img src=""/>
  5. NILF (hahahahaha)

    Yea BABY, that's my teACHER.

  6. yer gonna hafta rassle Rennick for that one! :p
  7. "Young mannnnnnnnnnnn. Give me that knife>"

    That's Sister Mary Elephant
  8. That's Sister Mary Mountme.
  9. That's more like it. Now stop philosafizin' and get your mind back in the gutter. And keep it there.
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