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  1. They discover they have a technological edge in their execution platform, so they build a "strong quantitative prop trading group" to exploit it. Hiring PhD:s by the numbers. Still the guy trading from home on cable hasn´t got a clue as to why he cant stay consistently profitable...


    Top-tier European house seeks statistical arbitrage quant with at least two year’s commercial experience and a strong P+L history. The role will sit within the Electronic Market Making group which has, over the last two years, developed a fast, highly optimised electronic execution platform. This system has a far greater capacity than could be used by the customer flow. Therefore, the bank has decided to leverage its technological advantage by building a strong quantitative prop trading group with strategy horizons from tick-to-tick to multi-day.
  2. Good then, so if "They" - (see: NoMoreOptions) can move the market - I'd like to know what "They" plan to do next. I wouldn't mind riding it with them.

    Sorry, but I don't look at this as being competition. :)
    But then I'm not an arbitrage quantitive player anyway, so let em rip.
  3. Paranoia.
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    ...Let them hire "PhD's by the numbers." The result might just be a lot of complicated garbage.

    There is so much excess capacity in multiple systems like this one that is described that any "edge" that these people think they have will be very short lived if it exists at all.

    The fact of the matter is that all of these systems, techniques etc really reduce to basic technical analysis principles from the typically complicated, obfuscated descriptions promulgated by the companies.

    Consistent profitability can be augmented with the help of semi-automated systems - the useful ones are probably not known to the people posting the ad to which you refer.

    I also know plenty of consistently profitable traders that use very little automateion and have been doing very well for many many years.
  5. I think not. There is a techological barrier limiting the stategies available to retail traders.

    Are you trying to become the new king of one-word replies aftr metoo?
  6. So basically your take is that these guys add market noise for awhile then disappears?

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    There is so much competition in the automated trading world that for last year, buy-and-hold is a better strategy. It is a cycle. Some times people who have a 50000ft picture do better, and sometimes traders with a 10 ft picture do better. Why compare apples and oranges?
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