There’s always room in the budget for white guilt

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    Minnesota schools — like many across the country — are facing tight budgets and tough decisions these days. The Lakeview, MN school board recently announced almost $7 million in cuts and the layoff of 94 teachers. But as Katherine Kersten of the Twin Cities’ Star Tribune points out, “there’s always room in the budget for white guilt.”

    At a cost of $160 a head — plus $125 a day per substitute teacher — the school district is sending a delegation of teachers to the 12th annual “White Privilege Conference” this week.

    Don’t let the name fool you folks.

    When the Rat first read “White Privilege Conference,” he thought that perhaps this get-together was a sort of “feel good” symposium for white folks — similar to Black Expo, which is held in Indianapolis every year. His rat brain reasoned that due to the beating white Americans (particularly white, rich male Americans) take from the left-wing loons and their comrades around the world these days, maybe someone finally decided it was time for a little caucasian group therapy.

    The Rat was wrong.

    The conference is “built on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people,” according to program marketing materials. Its mission is to guilt participants into confronting their “biases” in a “journey in understanding white supremacy, whiteness, privilege, power and oppression,“ and to ”agree to take action in their own spheres of power.”

    So what can Lakeville parents and taxpayers expect from this white guilt festival? Let’s review the keynote address from the 2009 conference for a bit of insight into these people and their agenda, shall we?

    “Social justice educator” Paul Kivel delivered the address, entitled, “Understanding and Dismantling Privilege.” He began with the typical drivel that passes for prayer with the American left these days:

    “I want to acknowledge the creative spirits in the world that nurture and sustain us and that connect us to each other and to the plant and animal life around us.” (what a “deeply spiritual” tree-hugging elitist, huh?)

    Check out a few of this wing-nut’s greatest hits:

    “We Americans are completely dependent on U.S. imperialism and war to sustain our daily lives.”

    “Christianity has too much influence in our society today. It has played a key role in developing and justifying sources of oppression — including violence and genocide — and is the beginning of modern or biological racism.”

    “Our school systems have been set up to perpetuate white supremacy and white privilege. Poor and minority students do not drop out — they are pushed out.”

    “We must look beyond our declining empire to exciting progressive developments in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, including land reform, redistribution of wealth, and the end of spanking.” (Did Rat read that wrong, or does this moron equate wealth redistribution with a smack on the hiney?)

    Rat didn’t bother to find out who this year’s keynote speaker is, but he has a suggestion:

    In a “still crazy after all these years” moment yesterday, DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile said: “The majority of white people believe ‘those people’ are taking our money and taxes. ‘Racist fearful whites’ are why the Democrats don’t do better with white voters.”

    We better get these “racist fearful whites” to a White Privilege Conference ASAP.