There would'nt be a democratic party unless.....

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    Guberment hand out's and union's. Period. That is the only way they know how to get votes. Tax and give out, then borrow more for fraud and lie's and spend.


    - Union's use the money to elect the dem's to make massive deals. The dem's don't care, use the money from private sector for entitlement funding for votes.

    - They want the illegal's to come over and vote dem. Handout's left and right to get the votes. Here in the Great State of Texas, we just passed having a guberment issued photo ID to vote. All dem's barked and moaned. Just like they did a few years ago and fled to Oklahoma (Go Sooners) to hide out like the pussies in WI did.

    - Europe. Totally bankrupt. Liberal, socialist attitude and tax the hell outta everyone (with the FTT about to come in). They are destroying themselves because they tax the hell outta people and still go into sovereign debt. Tax and spend and borrow.

    Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave along with our Founding Father's.

    I have said this many times:

    The biggest threat to the United States of America is liberal, democratic, socialists.....not any Muslim's, nor Russia, nor China, nor the middle east.

    The USA (and the world) is on a collision course with our debt problems. The price of gold and silver say that clearly.

    The question is: What are you gonna do about it?
  2. With the older population dieing off,the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer , minorities soon to be the majority,people being less religious etc the future looks much brighter for the democratic party then it does the republican party
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    That is what brings all Nation's down. Look at Europe.