There won't be a relief rally this time:

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. bottom pickers always get pooed on :D
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  2. DBN2005


    with vix close to 17, there will be money made on both sides just from voatility, but mkt does seem to be building a "wall of worry"...I'm looking for big blow off spike that immediately starts to retrace from the vix as capitulation point. (10,000 dow the floor?)
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  3. whatever, no predictions please, esp. bringing in the outdated vix. thanks.
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  4. No relief rally this time? Most costly words ever: "It'll be different this time".

    82% program trading so far today, it's not up to us - it's up to whomever is pushing the buttons on those computers...
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  5. 82% program trading so far today

    How do you know this?

    - The New Guy
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  6. capmac


    Sure there will be 50 cent bounces, but you can bet EVERY trader scalping long will be tripping over each other to get that 50 cent.

    These 'relief' rallies will last no more than a few hours and then come end of day, everyone will be dumping AGAIN.
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  7. just21


    Maybe a refco bail out is needed for a rally.
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  8. Hi, I am in a chat room every day where the person who runs it report the proggy trade activity each day, not sure of his source.

    For the NYSE see:

    Not sure if Nasdaq figures are on
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  9. Sounds like a rationalization. Just admit you were wrong.
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  10. Very interesting!


    - The New Guy
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