There will be no xmas rally this week:

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. capmac


    Everyone & their mother is expecting a guaranteed easy money stock market rally this week. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

    The market doesn't work that way. When everyone is leaning in one direction (trade) , the market goes the OTHER way, inflicting maximum pain to the masses (sheep)...

    What you are seeing today is the start of it....

    Those sitting long now will start sweating & puking their positions as 12/30 approaches.
  2. not gonna happen this week and not gonna happen in January either
  3. Okay then, I guess we can go home now. After all it is a national holiday (Coolweb day). BYOB.
  4. Works for me. As long as we get some directional movement.

    I love lamb chops.:D
  5. One chance out of two you will be right at the end of the week... and one out of two you will be wrong....
  6. isnt everyone expecting the 'santa clause rally' not to happen? and thanks for reporting this on dec 27. lol. :)
  7. Mo06


    Looks like the bears got their way today.
  8. "everyone and their mother is expecting....rally this week "

    on what do you base that statement?
  9. Santa Claus got mugged!!
  10. Got the idea from someone I respected to play the year end mark up, bought a bunch of SPY last week. Read Jesse Livermore's biography over the weekend... He said tips come in all sizes and shapes. Saw the options volatility was very low. Sold half pre-market and half when the juice seems missing. Missed the hair-cut by a hair. There was Santa but he doesn't stay overnight.
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