There will be a huge gap down on Monday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ocean5, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. ocean5


    Just watch...

  2. Digs


    Maybe..if the WORDS from Thur and Friday are not backed up with real CASH..

    The rally was about funds moving from bonds to stocks..folks get nervous when things are stretched..

    FOMC FED will do little..they will save their silver bullets for the FULL MOON...
  3. This is why people fail.

    They think they have a crystal ball.
  4. ocean5


    just sell everything,including your pants untill october.And don`t thank me.And yes,i got crystall balls!
  5. so you know about bearish seasonality between summer and autumn, big freaking deal

    its not a sure thing
  6. ocean5


    Then what is?Jack Hershey ''method''?

  7. Digs


    My balls are golden., with silver hairs
  8. ocean5



    You are just too long in this business,i suppose.
  9. 1245


    What do you positions look like to back up your opinion?
  10. ocean5


    I got SMS from the Gruithuisen city...
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