There will be 400 murders in my city this year..

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  1. and nobody cares.

    15 people killed. Media cares.

    Sorry to be so crass but its true.
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    I think there's been like 20 or 30 in Toronto this year, and they are screaming about it (which is a bit of a lol, from the American POV). Very hot summer there, too, by the way.
  3. Over ten thousand people are killed by drunk drivers in the US each year. We rarely hear anything about it.
  4. Thank goodness, pretty soon you'll get a DUI for just rinsing with mouthwash.
  5. 12,500 people die every single day in the United States. If the media gave each one of them 15 seconds of fame, you literally couldnt even get through half the names in a 24 hour day.
  6. LoL... You must have failed basic math... Rotflmao...

    365d x 24h = 8760
    8760h x 60m = 525,600 Minutes per year...

    Your an idiot...
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    I would delete your post if you can, you look foolish.

    Peil said in 1 day not 1 year.

    at 15 seconds per person, 4 per minute, 240 per hour, 5760 per day.

    He is right, you could not give each of the 12,500 15 seconds, you could give them 5 however.
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    It's not "Your an idiot", it's "You're an idiot"...
  9. RangeTraders report card:

    Reading comprehension - FAIL
    English - FAIL

    Everyone seemed to catch you on your mistake too. I mean, now you must feel sooo STUPID, right? :p
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