There was NEVER any need for the state of Israel. Here’s why...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nabuchodonosor, May 19, 2007.

  1. The state of Israel was set up in 1948 as a “Jewish haven” but what everybody seems to forget is that when Israel was established — on land stolen from the Muslim AND Christian Palestinian natives — there was ALREADY a Jewish state in existence!

    That’s right! You didn’t know that? Check it out. Back — years before — Soviet ruler Josef Stalin set up a Jewish Autonomous Region in the Eastern regions of the Soviet Empire and Jews were encouraged to migrate there and “live it up.” But the Jewish state, known as “Birobijan” (there are spelling variants of it, but you can easily do some research on Google and get all the facts for yourself) didn’t manage to thrive, although it still exists today.

    May I suggest that the reason why this ORIGINAL, FIRST Jewish state didn’t survive, as Israel did, is because Birobijan wasn't getting billions of dollars in welfare payments from the United States.

    Or, is that too mean to say that?