"there was a tim when food was no taxed."

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    i don't see the "value added" in the tax when all the process going into producing the food is already taxed
  2. the best tax is sales tax. gambling tax, sin tax, excise tax, luxury goods tax. tax pot smokers.

    why tax on food? what the fuck is the gov't use the money for? tax on income or property tax is bad taxes.

    there was a time when there was no income tax .

    sales tax was the only form of income for gov't

    it's incredible billions collected in taxes and the gov't still can't run a balance budget.

    it's like this, the more tax collected, the more the gov't spends and waste it.

    and example is the SEC and CFTC

    SEC collects $500 million/year in funding..and what does the SEC do to the trader/investor?

    CFTC Gary G says $300 million/year is not enough to enforce all the market rules? $300 million not enough?

    TAX : T

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