There seems to be very few Big Indepentdent Traders.....

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  1. Covner, PTJ, Cohen, VN, Soros, and just about every single market wizard out there....the greatest and biggest traders manage OPM. I doubt there are any guys out there trading from home that have mode over 100mil from the market.
    Why is that? Its not like nowadays you even need OPM to 'size up' - there are plenty of leveraged products that you can trade and plenty of IBs willing to extent credit.
    Who do you think is the biggest trader out there not managing OPM? It could be that there are many guys out there its just that we don't hear about these guys because they are 'private' traders.
    Just looking for some inspiration from guys not managing OPM cause sometimes I think this trading from home thing can never really amount to anything as long as each year your draining expenses and taxes from the account.
  2. Dan Zanger made 20 million but that was from the bull market then he became a vendor afterwards but I think he is the biggest private guy out there.
    One of the Bright Bros is right up there.
    Can't think of any others.
  3. Also would Covner, PTJ, Cohen, VN, Soros, etc. really be great traders without the OPM and institutional support? I wonder how they'd do trading from home. Sometimes I think that trading OPM is a great asset because you actually have to be held accountable for your performance. Whereas when its your money you can get careless at times because hey its your money and you can do whatever you want no matter how reckless.
  4. It occurs to me, there are far more big players than you would ever hear about.

    Only a fool would have all that, be smart enough to do all that, AND throw away total anonymity. No??
  5. Take Livermore for example. He was the biggest Independent trader ever and he blewup and lost everything by the end of his carreer. I think he made about 100 million in the crash. That comes out to like 1 billion dollars today (correct me if i'm wrong on this one).
    Now what if there were hedge funds back than and Livermore opened a fund and started managing OPM. He may not have blown out since if he had to deal with OPM and maybe he would have become a lot more conservative.
  6. True, but people are chatterboxes. Word would get around. Especially in these days of blogs, internet, media, etc.
  7. richard dennis ... used to be one of those legends

    who made millions ... not sure how much
    was made pre - turtles though
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    Livermore blew out alright, his own brains.

    True. Suicided
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  10. Eric Bolling, the energy trader, and one of the "Fab 4" on CNBC's "Fast Money" show. comes to mind. He was up 20 million last year alone. Not sure where he stands this year. Seems he has branched into equities, and even equity index futures as well.
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