There once was a man from Nantucket....

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  1. Who put some beer, and some eggs, in a bucket.

    The beer did ferment, and the eggs did foment,
    the chickens were wild, and truculent.

    "I have alcoholic chickens!!"
    yelled to his cat mittens,

    With a wild look in his eye,

    "This beer is awful!!" he cried, as he lay down to lie,

    while mittens, thought the chickens, quite succulent.

    He awoke with a start, and an uproarious fart, to find the chickens, and mittens, quite truant.

    I could write a better rhyme, with a little more time,
    but sometimes you have to say f***it.

    The end.
  2. *Groan*, I'm so bored, that was actually a lead up to the punchline.............

    Which came first the chicken, or the dreg?

    "truant" just didn't work at all in that last line, huh.
  3. Try smoking some weed and then try again.
  4. "...who on the road met a fellow named Ennis..."

  5. Yeah, but i quit years and years ago.

    Lets face it, I may have well have tried to make a limerick about "oranges."