There Must Be Some Other UK People?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Helenqu, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. regough


    You said

    " just hate having to keep all that cash over there in rapidly diminishing dollars.. oh well "

    I believe IB has futures trading - - just short a few USD contracts on the currency market and you can hedge(or even gain) on the dollar risks :)

    Just an idea
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  2. stevet



    safest thing to be doing in august is posting

    holiday period trading is not for the faint hearted - there are range bound opportunities - but u need to be real real careful with breakouts
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  3. toby400



    Here is a link from Elite trader re the above:

    I would strongly urge anyone to give up spread betting and look at the Dax (among others), get an account with someone like IB, and chip away points (with small spreads) all day.

    trades that are losers via spread bets are winners when using a real broker.

    Just my two pennyworth.:)
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  4. Helenqu


    Hi Tobes :)

    Fancy meeting you here!

    Yes I am more and more convinced that spreadbets have served their useful purpose for me and that to make headway I need to change how I trade.

    I will follow the link.

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  5. stevet


    if the old dears on trade2win who bend the truth about making money at spreadbetting could see this thread - they would be grinding their false teeth and spilling their tea! bless them and their little tea parties

    way to go toby!

    maybe we should short ig and cmc real quick!!!

    jeez, maybe we should short tea and flowery porcelain crockery as well
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  6. nugya


    I personally would not recommend DAX index options unless you want to buy at ask and sell at bid(that is my experince with DAX index options anyway)
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  7. stevet



    yep, i used to take the spreadbettors at the key levels when they would think i was on the wrong side of the trade - so then when they post u a price - you know wether it is good or not - but u still have to get out at the other end

    when fair value goes out of wack though - so do their algorythms - thats about the only time u can get an edge with them on an ongoing basis

    they really dont have a clue about trading and they have a bunch of ex liffe guys who are meant to be the experts - but they have less than a clue

    but i would say as far as i could tell they dont jerk pricing around to screw u, a lot dont understand that their prices are hooked to futures, not cash, and the spreadbetting comanies are always on alert of being taken advantage of - because they really have no idea about trading - and have been caught out by experienced traders taking advantage of them - so they tend to widen with anything with a whiff of fragrance
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  8. stevet


    no one should touch options of any sort - unless they really understand them - i guess options were the great way to lose money until spreadbetting came along and took its crown
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  9. nugya


    But if you do understand options, they could be your best friend
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  10. stevet


    i guess thats true of all trading - but options are real complex unless u r arbing them one for one
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