There Must Be Some Other UK People?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Helenqu, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Helenqu


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  2. Helenqu


    Hi Hugh,

    I only got the venue sorted out yesterday but when I have the forms up on the web i'll post the link here. It will be first come first served as 40 is about maximum for that type of event.

    Here are the details to date:

    Will be held at Newman College Birmingham, 9am -5pm on Saturday 11th January 2003. It's a follow on from the first one we held in July and the programme came from that. Cost £20 includes lunch etc (not for profit) and we raised £300 for the BHF as well last time, which was very pleasing. The aim is to have a good traders day and raise some money for a good cause.
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  3. regough


    Here's another U.K. trader- I agree it's tough trading the US mrkts around tea/dinner time but I just setup the laptop w/ ticker next to the hob and chopping board and keep trading :)
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  4. stevet


    ok, the uk boards are very disapointing and dont seem to have anyone on them who makes their living from full time trading, and the boards, just seem to be for so called trainers to lurk
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  5. Helenqu


    Hi Steve,

    I'd agree with you. UK TMF is very anti-trading generally. US site much more accepting. There are probably half a dozen or so full time traders posting that's all. Great shame.
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  6. stevet


    i know the philosiphy of "fools" investment concepts so i think "anti trading" actually represents it accurately as a board

    it is trade2win which is the real let down, great name, and technically one of the fastest sites i have accessed ever, but it seems to be run just for some back slapping of all the part time spreadbettors who have no idea about trading

    but, of course, they are all making money and have done for years, from the dow !!!

    yet only trade after work or between work!!!

    and of course they always slip in that they will train people as a favour!!!

    but they still want to be paid of course!!!
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  7. Helenqu


    Hi Steve,

    I think that's a bit unfair on T2W there are a probably 4 or 5 good full time traders on there. The majority are learners and part timers so it is as you say very much geared to spreadbetting. Which is where I am at the moment.

    I do strongly agree that there isn't yet a professional UK traders site. There will be I'm sure in time and I hope that I'll be part of it when it happens. Maybe T2W, Maybe TMF, Maybe a new site completely. We are so far behind the US.
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  8. stevet


    the ones who claim to be full time traders, are the ones who always slip in comments about training people

    i have never seen one comment on elite from someone who claims to be a trader, and then says he will train people ( i am sure there must have been one or two) but i have never seen one - and since there are some big hitting players on this site, anyone who did that had better get ready for some heavy abuse!

    i dont mean to say that trade2win is wrong as such, although the training vibe is real suspect, but it is just like a village tea party for all the old dears - which isgreat for them but real bad for any keen and aggresive kid who could come across the site, and think that that is what trading is about

    just a shame there is nothing like elite so that some more aggressive traders could correspond in the UK or even europe.and their correspondence would help kids to get a handle on the opportunities in trading
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  9. hughmac


    Stevet Hi

    As one of the "old dears" who happily access that site, and have done so for several months i dont see what the problem is.

    I have earned my keep from spreadbetting, paid the mortgage, kids fees etc using this source and cant fault it!

    Spreadbetting facilitates anyone with limited amounts of capital access to the markets that they would otherwise be denied.

    Of course, your up against proffesionals who will take to the cleaners if you havn't done your homework!

    Your posts on t2w came accross as angry, aggressive and negative which is why you got the response you did.

    Probally a shame if you are an experienced trader because you could help other newbies and the group in general to improve their trading performance.

    But you have to be mature enough to accept other peoples views and help create and foster a positive attitude to our chosen
    method of "earning" our keep!


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  10. stevet


    i said there is nothing wrong with the site - except a) that it may give newbies the wrong idea about trading and b) that i personally was not that comfortable with some of the busiest posters offering training

    if you have personally earned your keep from spreadbetting, you are a miracle worker, and that is not to say you havn't, but by keep, i guess u mean at least 50K or 100K per annum and i know a few who have lost that much, but never heard of somone making that much trading on an ongoing basis everyday, and that includes conversations on a social level with the people who run spreadbetting companies! i wont tell you how many people they said make money!!!

    i am not anti spreadbetting at all - but using it is not trading - it is pure gambling since u have no control over pricing, and u r not up against professionals when u spreadbet - you are only against yourself, big time

    i did get a bit pissed off on trade2win after a couple of weeks of having people get angry, aggressive and negative with me, since i was indicating another way of trading, and when the "old hands" were out of their depth they got all uptight, but i was not directing my comments to them, but to any experienced trader or to a newbie who i might help

    i continued for a couple of weeks, since i was on there to see if there were any full time traders who i could exchange information with, and also since i had a few messages from some of the people on the forum thanking me for my posts as they said that what i posted sounded like real trading information, and telling me to ignore the trade2win mafia

    and who knows maybe i could help out, but all the negativity from the "experts" on there, just made me feel i had moved in on a luvvies tea party, and it was their party, so why stay

    to me the site exhibited that great british disease - we dont care if u can help - u help us our way or piss off!

    i really dont know if the folks on trade2win realise the money that can and is made by traders every day, day in , day out

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