There Must Be Some Other UK People?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Helenqu, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Helenqu


    Hi all,

    I know for a fact that some of my UK colleagues visit here so why no presence? Nev you are slipping ;)

    I haven't posted on here before I mainly post on UK TMF and Trade2Win boards.

    Be interested to know who else is about.
  2. morse


    Hi Helen,
    I am from the UK do you use the trade2win software?
  3. Hi Helen,

    Saw your post. I live in the Chicago Area but have visited the UK. The usual London tourist trips. Also, I performed with a theatre troupe at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh and am now trading the E-Minis on GLOBEX.

    What do you trade?
  4. Helenqu


    Hi Morse ,

    Maybe we are talking at cross purposes? I mean the T2W website.
  5. Helenqu


    I trade FTSE100 stocks, FTSE100 index, Dow and S&P although the US markets are difficult for me due to childcare and teatime/evening dinner.

  6. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for your reply. In the US I trade a round-trip E-Mini S&P for $4.80 US with no other fees. It's got to be tough to make a profit with the overhead you have to deal with.

    Off topic, but what's your PHD subject area?

  7. Neil


    Hi Helen,
    Nearly UK here.. across the stream in Ireland, does that count! lol

    Used to live in Shropshire/Radnor borders in the wild country, now on the edge of the Atlantic in the west ireland.

    Thanks for that link to T2W, not seen that site before, looks good will have a good ol browse through it later.

    I trade US stocks only, using IB and also Deal4Free cfd's sometimes.. lately been working on other stuff during the day and starting trading around 5.30.. is working fine for me so far..

    All the best
  8. stevet



    what is the UK TMF site?
  9. hughmac


    Hi Helen

    I live in Nottingham and trade the Dow index and Dow component stocks only.

    I have been following the posts in Trade 2Win for several months and find it very useful as is this site!

    May venture to your "do" in Birmingham if their are still places available!


  10. Helenqu


    Hi DM,

    Yes OT but it's "How have Art and Music Therapists Working with Learning Disabled Clients Described Therapeutic Outcomes" And don't you wish you hadn't asked now!!

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