There must be some hideous bank news coming

Discussion in 'Economics' started by daddyeaux, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Benny B stands ready with a fire hose which makes some sense given that bank (earnings) must be a goat's ass and are due out in a week or two.....

    even pizzzzani said the word gold...
  2. great post daddyeaux, AXP is the latest to circle the bowl
  3. Benny never likes to use the fire hose as every time he turns it on he gets whipped around like a rag doll. daddyeaux!!!! whats up big dog?!! simply phenomenal. almost prophetic call. Here is mine- next time he turns on the hose he will miss the fire completely and all of our money will get burned(not mine but everyone elses). When the clock strikes what will you sell?
  4. rite or rong, I'm 100% in gold/silver........

    go big or go home...........
  6. When he made his first 50 pt cut i thought there was a disaster coming that most people weren't aware of (which is why everyone was complaining about such a large cut), now they want more.

    But good luck trying to time any of this
  7. the sad part of all of this is the big houses cant raise the money here in the US...

    they have to tin cup it all over the world and agree to ridiculous terms on convertibles

    stinks of Lucent.................
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    I dont think that commodity play will last long, I do see higher gold prices, but its starting to remind me of the dot com times when every single person was only talking one investment. I hear gold constantly being pumped on tv and radio as if its the only safe investment at this time.
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    Gold isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
  10. I agree, gold is starting to scare me. I was a big gold bug for the last few years but now the "taxi driver" effect is starting to take place as you noted. Apparently Dennis Gartman also sold most of his gold positions. Does gold shoot straight up to $2000 or does it become yet another bubble that ends in a big bang. I think it's only a matter of time. Maybe golds recent vertical move is more an effect of fear and a flight to safety than an effect of inflation and currency devaluation.
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