There is talk in the market that China may be contributing 700B EUR to the EFSF.

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  1. Very credible sources you use. Do you know what will happen to the dollar if the Chinese exchange USD for the equivalent of $700 Billion Euros. Oil will go to $200 dollars in a week. US house market will collapse. A world war may start.

    The Chinese should stop playing silly games and let the EU be taken apart.
  2. Susi is worse that Steve Liesman.

    The EuroShill has no shame.
  3. chinese will do it bit by bit. water torture stuff.

    eu has many BRANDS. Chinse can put real face on their head - QUICKLY - by acquiring them.

    only japs have credible brands as well. due to history jap brand may not be desirable for chinaman

    still thinking how to play this.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

  5. It's been mis-quoted... The rumor, which in itself is highly suspect, was that China was going to contribute CNY 700bn, not €700bn.
  6. The eu is a bigger buyer of chinese goods than the us so they have plenty of euros,
  7. try getting a decent news source.

    whats this shit?
  8. China's foreign reserves are for maintenance of the USD peg, not for Europeans to take 3 hr lunch breaks, 2 months of paid holidays, retire at 50, universal healthcare and free tertiary education.

    If this is in anyway true, then Obama should remind Hu what his priorities are.
  9. Even 700B yuan seems terribly unlikely.
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