There is something waiting for us, and it ain't no man, tis an animal

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  1. Gentlemen and Gentle women, can you feel something closing in on you

    Some say climate will go to hell, force us all to become Canadian

    Some say great earthquakes will come on west coast and destroy us

    Some say collapse of financial system with US dollar going down will doom us

    Some say 2012 prophesy will come true and erase us

    Some say big rock from space will hit the earth and screw us

    Can you truly say that it is all fake and not a problem ???????????

    This Thread assumes that reader reads news everyday and stays informed

    But I can think of few reasons, this is the first time humanity is doing big time information sharing and research

    we could simply be suffering from information OVERLOAD and things are no different from 1950s

    I am just so bloody overloaded,

    I am freakin overclocked without a cooling fan
  2. 9999


    Looks like cold is (not welcome) back. Didn't you say that you were leaving for good? Oh well, another handle to put on ignore...
  3. I ain't got time to bleed.
  4. we both know you didn't put me on ignore

    why must you lie to yourself

    Why ????????????
  5. I think you got a right attitude
  6. 9999


    Yes, I did it before and I'm doing it now.
    So long, freak.
  7. you are obviously racist,

    closed minded racist

    closed minded drug abusive racist

    What do you have against my race

    can you name it
  8. I will bring you sanity if you let me

    I will also introduce for the first time a strategy on ET called SCT

    you guys will be impressed
  9. Personally I think you have serious psychological issues. You asked ET to delete and ban you, yet you continue to come back under different names (not like your request would be granted unless you've broken rules anyway).

    Honestly man. I say this sincerely, perhaps you need therapy.
  10. The End of the Fifth Eliott wave is coming!
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